Whether you’re a professional bartender or just want to mix layered drinks like one, the Cocktailmaster lets you create beverages that will impress even your most discerning guests.

Layered drinks made easy!

Fast, lightweight and easy to use, the Cocktailmaster is based on the principle of liquid densities: sweeter liquids are heavier; drinks with higher alcohol content are lighter. It’s that simple!

Creates layered cocktails, shooters and gourmet coffees!

With the Cocktailmaster, you can create layered cocktails and shooters like B-52’s and Fourth of July’s, gourmet coffees like Macchiatos, and even hot beverages like Irish coffee. Follow our layered cocktail and layered hot drink recipes or create your own liquid masterpieces.

Prepare your layered cocktails in advance and enjoy your next party!

Layered drinks and shooters can be prepared up to two hours in advance, allowing you to enjoy your next party rather than spending your evening behind the bar.

Make layered cocktails anytime, anywhere with the Cocktailmaster!

The Cocktailmaster comes in clear and chrome models and works in just about any type of drinking glass - even champagne flutes! It’s easy to clean and small enough to take along when travelling or visiting friends.